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Boyer's History



Boyer's Diamond & Source was founded in 1987 with just a few cases and very little jewelry. The mission was simple - to offer fine jewelry at reasonable prices with exceptional customer service. Over the years, Boyer's has built a firm and loyal customer base by fulfilling that mission.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        In 1991, David Cohen immigrated to the USA from Israel and began an extremely successful wholesale diamond business. Boyer's Diamonds & Source became a regular customer, purchasing loose stones from David for many years.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Upon retirement, the founders sold the Boyer's business in August 2011 to David Cohen, who had become a trusted friend during their many years of interaction. They chose David from other suitors because they saw David's philosophy of business to be the same as theirs.


After more than three decades of working in the diamond and jewelry business, from purchasing rough stones in many exotic locals, to mastering the art of diamond cutting, David Cohen brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the wholesale and retail aspects of the jewelry business. In 2017, the Boyer's corporation opened a second retail location in Virginia Beach, VA. Boyer's continues to offer fine jewelry at reasonable prices with new lines and new vendors added regularly. Our specialty is still diamonds, but our inventory is varied across the full spectrum of fine jewelry.


Please click here to meet our team!

Local Community Connections


Boyer's is a longtime member of the Better Business Bureau and the Chamber of Commerce.


Additionally, we participate with many local charitable organizations, giving into the local economy for the betterment of all.  We regularly contribute to Beyond Boobs, The Salvation Army - Womens Auxiliary, Heritage Human Society of Williamsburg, Putting for Patriots w/Pirates Cove Adventure Golf, Walk MS at Colonial Heritage, Run the D.O.G. Street 5k - Benefits Angel of Mercy Medical Clinic, Relay for Life - American Cancer Society, Latisha's House Foundation - Safe House for survivors of sex trafficking & prostitution, Child Development Resources (CDR), Colonial Heritage Foundation and many of the local schools and their organizations.


Our Return Policy and Guarantee


Boyer's will gladly accept for return or exchange any item purchased from us, providing it is in new condition within 15 days of the purchase date. Items returned between 16 and 30 days of purchase date will be returned for store credit only. Any jewelry that has been altered or worn is not eligible for return or exchange since it is no longer new. This includes rings that have been sized and/or worn. The original receipt and packaging must accompany all returns. Any jewelry purchased on a credit card will be returned on the same card. Purchases by cash or check will be refunded by check only. A waiting period of 10 days will be required for customer's checks to clear before any refunds on checks can be made. Refunds will only be issued to the original purchaser. All boxes and instructions must be included with watch returns or exchanges. Refunds are not allowed on special order items, custom make items, CAD designs or sale items.



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David Cohen


America. The Land of Opportunity.

By Ryan Jones


Tel Aviv is known as the city that never sleeps. Ranked by National Geographic as the ninth best beach-city in the world, this coastal hub of Middle Eastern culture is recognized as a gathering spot for locals, cosmopolitans and tourists alike. With all of the perks that accompany life in Israel’s second-largest metropolis, one might wonder what sort of circumstances would inspire a successful businessman to pull up his roots and move his small family halfway across the globe with only his wits, a handful of friends, and a small savings account to get him started.

“They say America is a land of opportunity,” David Cohen says with a smile, “and it is; but only if you take advantage of it. In Israel, we love the United States. America has always been like an older brother to us. That’s why I felt comfortable moving here. Without the support of America, Israel wouldn’t exist.”


Since arriving in Virginia Beach in 1991, David has become somewhat of an expert in recognizing and making the most out of the opportunities around him. In his native Hebrew language, there are two different ways to spell the word opportunity: hizdamnut, which represents the singular form of the word, and hizdamnuiot, which represents the plural form. After listening to David share some of his experiences about becoming a successful entrepreneur on American soil, there can be little doubt which of the two words is appropriate for his circumstances.


“I have been here (in Virginia) for twenty years and experienced a lot of excellent things,” he says. “But I started out in a very negative position. When I moved here, I had a partner in the diamond wholesale business who was also my best friend from high school. We grew up together. His family was like my family. A couple of months after I arrived, our wholesale office was robbed and my friend was killed. I was devastated. The robbers stole everything, so we had no money. I had a wife who was terrified, a son who was four years old, and I spoke very little English. When my mother heard about it, she sent my older brother to come get me.”


As David struggled to come to terms with this tragic turn of events, he was buoyed by the support of a couple of friends who were attending classes at Old Dominion University. Taking their advice, he made up his mind to stay put and pursue his dream of living in America.


“It was hard,” David remembers. “I couldn’t function for at least a month. But then, slowly, I started to get back on my feet. I moved to a different office and started to see customers again. I had a good friend in Israel who was a diamond-dealer. He gave me a bunch of diamonds, and said ‘David, go to work.’ He knew that there were no guarantees, but he said, ‘When you get the money, then you can pay me.’ That helped me a lot.”


In addition to receiving help from friends, David credits much of his success as an entrepreneur to hard work and adherence to good moral principles. Before coming to America, he cultivated the ability to multi-task as an air traffic controller in the Israeli armed forces and also spent time working as a diamond cutter. After twenty years of building relationships in the Williamsburg and Southside communities, he is now the owner of Boyer's Diamond and Gold Source in Lightfoot, the proprietor of two restaurants in Virginia Beach, and continues to work as a global diamond wholesale dealer. In order to keep up with his assortment of business ventures, David splits his time between his home in Virginia Beach and his home here in Williamsburg. He also makes periodic trips back to Israel to visit family and to stock up his inventory of wholesale jewelry products.


“I go back to Israel two or three times a year to buy diamonds,” he says. “The people there are very warm. When you visit, you don’t go to a hotel; you stay at someone’s house. In the beginning, I was confused by how I felt when I went back. I didn’t lose my identity, but it was hard. After a while, I didn’t feel like I was a part of (what was happening over there). I had become an American. I will always feel I have two homes, but I have to say that America is my home now. I think I have become a lot more patriotic than some of the people I know who don’t care as much. When I go to basketball games and they play the national anthem, I get the chills. I feel like I am part of it.”


David’s zeal for living in America was rewarded several years ago when he got a call from a friend who had ties in the political community.


“One day, a good friend called and asked if I wanted to meet the President,” he remembers. “I said, ‘Are you kidding?’ It is hard to explain, but when you grow up in a small country like Israel, and there is so much war, you are very appreciative that there is someone watching over you. The President [George W. Bush] was scheduled to come to Virginia Beach for a private brunch at someone’s home. When I met him, we shook hands, and I told him Shalom (peace) from my family in Israel. After that, we took a picture, and talked for a few minutes. He asked what I thought about this and what I thought about that. I thought, ‘Oh my gosh....I’m giving advice to the president.’ When I left, I felt like I was walking on air. The first thing I did was call my mom!”


Though George W. Bush is probably the most prominent personality David has met in his travels, he has come across many other people who turned out to be just as interesting in their own way. Recently, David bumped into a man who was the keynote speaker at the Jewish Community Center in Virginia Beach. The speaker was actually a reformed terrorist who, during a long period of incarceration, had changed his mind about Israeli citizens and was seeking to promote peace in the Middle East. David listened intently to the man’s message, and wondered if there could be a connection between him and an older brother who had served in the Israeli secret service. After the talk was over, David walked up to the speaker, introduced himself, and asked him if he had ever heard of his brother. When he told the speaker his brother’s name, there was instant recognition.


“Of course I know him,” the man said. “Your brother is one of the men who arrested me!” Both men got a good laugh out of this strange coincidence, and David commended the man for his commitment to standing up for Israel. “It’s a small world,” he says, laughing.


Talking with David about his life over the past twenty years brings to mind an ancient Hebrew legend. As the story is told, there once lived a phoenix named Milcham who, because of good deeds, was awarded the gift of immortality. After enjoying a peaceful millennial existence inside the walls of a sanctuary, Milcham heralded the end of his life cycle by rising up and bursting into flames. When the heat of the fire dissipated, a new phoenix rose from the ashes to live again for another thousand years. Over time, this mythical story of rebirth has evolved into a parable of hope and healing for those who suffer from afflictions in the modern-day world. Today, both Milcham and David serve as a reminder that even the scorching heat of present adversity cannot keep us, at last, from rising out of the ashes into a new day.


Looking back, David remembers the rough start he endured his first year in the United States. “I was at the bottom of the pile mentally, physically, emotionally, and financially,” he says. “I tell my story to a lot of people to teach them that if you are committed; if you are an honest person, you are not lazy, and you have good integrity, you can make it. God will give you the tools, but He will not do it for you. You never know how strong you are until you go through something like that. But when things happen, you find out that you have a lot of strength that you didn’t know about. If I did it, so can you.”


It brings to mind that special word again - the name for difficult trials and obstacles that are successfully overcome: Hizdamnuiot


Press Release

Boyer’s Diamond & Gold Source Sold to Veteran Diamond Dealer


Local business owners sell well-known jewelry store, but will keep current name.

Boyer’s Diamond & Gold Source has been sold to David Cohen, a diamonds dealer from Virginia Beach that has had a long-standing relationship with the Boyer's. The store will begin new ownership on August 29, 2011. Dr. Hardin and Meredith Boyer, store owners, opened the store twenty-four years ago in Lightfoot, VA. After a shared business trip to Israel to purchase diamonds, first talks began regarding Cohen taking ownership of the store in Williamsburg. Interest on all sides intensified in what both felt was a perfect partnership.


“After many years of thought, my wife and I decided we wanted to spend more time with our family and traveling, after being completely dedicated to our store for the past twenty four years,” states Dr. Boyer. “We knew eventually we wanted to sell, but had some specific parameters we wanted to meet.”


Always considering their employees as family, the Boyers would only entertain a purchase that would allow them to retail their full staff and that would be a beneficial deal for everyone, regardless of price offered. It was also critical that the philosophy of the company remain unchanged; their prices would remain extremely competitive, they would continue to offer the same quality jewelry they were known for, and would give the same high level of customer service they have always striven to provide. The Boyer's feel that David Cohen will achieve all of these objectives while keeping the company’s name and current staff.


David grew up as a diamond cutter in the jewelry industry; then moved into buying and selling diamonds wholesale to jewelry stores. He has contacts worldwide and travels to Israel several times a year to purchase diamonds. David is a resident of Virginia Beach and Williamsburg and has two children.


“We feel we have found the best possible new owner for our beloved store, whose values are identical to our own in everything Boyer’s Diamond &Gold Source stands for,” says Boyer. “I think that if you walk into Boyer’s six months from now, everything will be just as it has always been even with a new owner. David is going to do a phenomenal job with the business and taking care of our customers, and we are confident he will meet with much success.”

Think Boyer's When You Think Diamonds!


Our owner, David Cohen travels regularly to Israel to purchase our loose diamonds directly from the cutters.  Not only are the diamonds he chooses exquisite in cut and quality, but the prices are phenomenal since we are buying directly from the cutter and not from a middle man.   David literally pours over thousands of loose diamonds to choose the best in cut, quality and brilliance for our inventory.  Diamonds are one of nature's miracles, (“wearable art”).  You have to see them to believe it! All diamonds are subject to availability. Please call with any questions, or to schedule an appointment. We use every precaution to be certain all of our diamonds are conflict free.


While you may view our deep inventory of diamonds on our website, we do not sell our diamonds over the Internet.  Since every diamond is unique and beautiful in its own right, we believe you can only truly know the beauty by seeing the diamond in person.  As you look through our vast inventory here, and would like to see any of these diamonds, please call and speak with a sales associate to set an appointment with your diamond.


Boyer's maintains an inventory of thousands of loose diamonds.  We specialize in 0.25ct to 5.00ct with larger diamonds typically available.  Our inventory consists of a variety of shapes as well as color and clarity.  Most of our diamonds are certified by a major certification firm, such as GIA, EGL or AGS.


Please call us regarding any diamond you see or don't see on our website.  We will be happy to show you any diamond in our showroom and meet all of your desires in your investment purchase. Please call for an appointment

ICE ON FIRE Diamonds


ICE ON FIRE is Boyer's uniquely branded diamond.  Our diamonds are cut to spectacular dimensions by master diamond cutters, assuring you the maximum brilliance.  Each of these hand-chosen diamonds are selected only after viewing the best of the best.  They are clear as ICE and full of FIRE.


Because they are cut to such finite specifications, each ICE ON FIRE diamond is much more brilliant than other diamonds.  One benefit of the cut precision is that the diamond will appear whiter and larger than it truly is.  With all the facets being cut so precisely, and ICE ON FIRE diamond will reflect maximum light and fire so that it dances with the one wearing it!


While there are a number of "branded" diamonds by various jewelry stores today, Boyer's ICE ON FIRE diamonds must meet the following guidelines:


  • Symmetry "Very Good" or better
  • Polish "Very Good" or higher
  • Clarity of "SI 1" or better
  • Color of "H" or higher
  • Certified by a major certification firm.


Furthermore, the certification number is laser inscribed on the girdle of each ICE ON FIRE diamond, insuring you will always be able to identify your diamond.  If you desire, we will inscribe, at no additional charge, almost anything else desired on your diamond, i.e., a statement of your love, initials, dates, etc.


We recognize that diamonds are an important purchase and an important investment.  Because we brand our own diamonds that we choose directly from the cutter, our ICE ON FIRE diamonds are generally available for 35-40% less than other brands of identical quality.


See an exclusive ICE ON FIRE diamond only at Boyer's today!

Jewelry Design & Repair


Repair and Custom Design


Boyer's state-of the-art jewelry shop is fully equipped with the latest technology for your personal jewelry repair and design.  Whether you are creating a piece of jewelry you have always wanted or restyling one that you no longer wear, we can assist you in creating that special one-of-a-kind masterpiece.


Each of our associates can assist you with your custom designed jewelry, from your initial sketch and then, with our futuristic CAD/CAM design capabilities, provide you with a computer-aided color picture of your dream piece.  We work in 14 and 18 karat gold as well as platinum.


If your need is for jewelry repair, any of our associates can assist with receiving your jewelry for repair.  There are very few repairs that we are not able to accomplish in a timely manner.


Our master goldsmith, graduate gemologist (GIA), GIA alumni, has more than 33 years in jewelry repair and design experience.  He is unparalleled in the Greater Williamsburg area for expertise in all repair and custom designs.



Boyer's considers your appraisals an investment just like your jewelry itself. We will provide lifetime appraisals and updates at no cost to you for all jewelry purchased at Boyer's, upon request. All outside pieces that are appraised at Boyer's are updated at only half the cost of the initial appraisal fee for life.  Your appraisal will include a picture, a full detailed description of every aspect of your jewelry and a replacement value.  You will receive two copies of each appraisal, one for you and one for your insurance company.


Any of our associates may assist you with your appraisal needs.  We also provide professional insurance replacement appraisals.


Our appraiser is a graduate gemologist (GIA), GIA alumni who will complete your appraisal in a timely fashion.


"A Big Thank You to Irina Dominick and Boyer's Sales Team for exceptional attention to detail and professional expertise in matching my diamond ring with two diamond bands to compliment and complete the design I desired. I will highly recommend Irina and Boyer's to friends and family, and I personally look forward to working with the sales team in the future for fine jewelry purchases."


- Mrs. Avery, Williamsburg, Va



"We have always had an enjoyable experience shopping at Boyer's Diamond & Gold Source. We love the salesperson that we work with.  She is always professional, knowledgeable and friendly. The staff goes out of their way to make you feel appreciated while shopping or browsing in their store. We recommend Boyer's to anyone looking for fair pricing, excellent customer service, quality jewelry and an overall great shopping experience."


- Mr. & Mrs. O



"Boyer's...A great jewelry store - Have been coming here for many years. I have bought jewelry, have jewelry cleaned and the SERVICE is wonderful! The sales people make you feel so welcome as soon as you enter the store."


- Gail Ann W.



"I moved to the Tidewater area two years ago. I was looking for a jeweler whom I felt I could trust since I buy several pieces of jewelry for my wife a year. I met David Cohen, owner of Boyer’s Jewelry, one day in his store in Williamsburg. What a nice and considerate person.  At the time I was shopping for a 40th wedding anniversary gift for my wife.  After talking with David I decided to buy a natural blue diamond.


I did not realize how rare natural blues were until I searched online for blue diamonds myself and learned that “natural blue diamonds are so rare that most jewelers have heard of them but have never seen one”.


Since David travels to Israel several times a year and was planning a buying trip to Israel in the next couple of weeks, he called his cutters there to have them search for a natural blue diamond. He told me he would call me from Israel to let me know what he found. True to his word, after a couple of days in Israel, David called to tell me he had located three natural blue diamonds in the whole market.  He said two of them were not blue enough, but was very excited about the third - a natural blue shield cut, a little over a carat in weight, intense blue color in color and almost flawless in clarity.   David negotiated a great price for me and I bought the diamond sight unseen!


The diamond was shipped to Boyer’s and David called me in to see it.  Wow!  It was amazing and just what I was looking for!  I worked with David and the Boyer’s team to design an extraordinary pendant using the blue diamond as the centerpiece.  When the pendant was given to the GIA appraiser for appraising, his first response was “Priceless!”  Needless to say, my 40th wedding anniversary was very special because of the efforts of David Cohen and his team at Boyer’s .  David and I have become very good friends through this process. I now consider him part of my family."


- Mr. K


I recently visited Boyer's to sell an old piece of gold. Christine handled the transasction for me. We got into a lengthy discussion about gold which subsequently led me to bring in 5 pieces of my wife's jewelry for appraisal, an antique watch for repair & the purchase of a Christmas gift for my wife. I may not have even considered getting the appraisals had it not been for her excellent service. I would like you to know how lovely and knowledgeable both Christine and Irina are. They were accomodating, attentive to details and made my dealings with Boyer's a very pleasant experience.


- Mr. A



"I have been a Boyer’s customer for the last 25 years, since they opened and can say without hesitation that during that time they have provided the most outstanding service I have ever experienced. During this long standing relationship I have seen them provide the same courteous service and attention to a customer whether they were purchasing an $8 watch battery or custom designing a six digit piece of jewelry. They provide the most personal service to all who come through their doors. If they do not have what you are looking for in stock they go the extra mile to obtain it for you so what you buy is within your budget and becomes that cherished memory piece that you were seeking. I look forward to a continued rewarding relationship with all the members of the Boyer’s team – they are like family."


- Barbara



"The Boyer's Diamond and Gold Jewelry Source is a wonderful company to invest in. The staff is very caring, polite, and friendly, but most of all, professional and quite knowledgeable about jewelry and gemology. I have been a client for over 15 years and will continue to be, because of their willingness to always accommodate my special requests for elegant and beautiful jewelry. The Boyer's family searches for that special item and always takes the time to answer your questions. In my case, they have taught me an extreme amount of knowledge about the quality of jewelry. The staff in all sincerity treat their clients as family, the same as they treat each other."


- Carolyn



"I went to Boyer’s to find a special ring for a special woman.  The salesperson that greeted me helped me design a one-of-a-kind engagement ring.  She was very helpful without being pushy.  She also spent a lot of time going through design books looking for what I wanted.  I ordered the ring, but needed it by a specific date.  She assured me that it would be in by that date and it was.  My fiancé loved the ring and the fact that it was specifically made for her.  I have recommended Boyer’s to friends who have received the same excellent service that I did.  I will go back to Boyer’s anytime I buy jewelry in the future."


- RW



"The following is my Christmas shopping experience at Boyer's Jewelry Store in Williamsburg. My wife and I are new residents to the Williamsburg community. She had the opportunity to replace a watch battery and upon returning home mentioned to me that she had seen a beautiful Williamsburg bracelet. So a few weeks later I decided that perhaps that bracelet would make an excellent Christmas present and went shopping at Boyer's. I was most impressed with the salesman's informative and cordial attitude toward me. He listened patiently and only offered advice when I had questions. I eventually bought their most expensive bracelet and my wife was elated with her present. I also received a lovely print of the Governor's Palace that came with the purchase which made a further impression of the store. I would say they (Boyer's) have new customers in Williamsburg."


- Mr. D.



I just wanted to thank you again, so very much, for all of your patience, effort, and hard work! My ring is absolutely perfect and I love the band too! They are both everything I envisioned and so much more! Please thank David as well. We are customers for life!!!


- Margaret M.

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